In beautiful Sartell, MN, both residents, and visitors are provided with a plethora of year-round activities to partake in. This thriving city began as a small town focusing on the production of flour, lumber, and paper thanks to the power provided by the mighty Mississippi River. Since those early days, Sartell has worked hard developing fantastic new neighborhoods and amenities and has become a genuinely great city to live in. It may be surprising, but Sartell offers 24 different parks, two picturesque golf courses, and 48 miles of trails. The city also provides a number of organized sports and art activities for fun in any season. Many visitors come to experience the beauty that residents have long enjoyed. In Central Minnesota, we love our vast array of activities that make us feel both healthy and alive. Aside from providing entertainment, they offer a number of significant benefits to our physical and emotional health. Occasionally, however, those same activities can be a cause for the need of professional chiropractic care.

Care for Any Lifestyle

Whether you are taking advantage of the many outdoor options in Sartell, or the indoor ones, any activity can increase your likelihood of injury and illness. A professional and experienced chiropractor has the tools to resolve or reduce the symptoms of these issues. No longer must you suffer from painful and mobility limiting conditions such as lower back pain, sciatica, and other such matters. Your chiropractic care team provides both caring and skillful treatment methods and techniques to benefit you. The daily symptoms you face are often substantially reduced or eliminated altogether with proper care. A number of different diagnostic methods and treatment measures are used including physiotherapy, active release technique, and others. Using these various methods help to pinpoint the exact underlying cause of your condition and implement the proper treatment to restore your freedom and comfort; assisting you to live a life free from pain.

Your Sartell, MN Chiropractor

Chiropractors Dave and Erika Yancey lead the caring team at Accelerate Chiropractic, your premier Sartell, MN chiropractor. Both deliver support backed by years of experience, extensive training, cutting-edge treatments, and a genuine dedication to serving their clients. Since opening, all this has positioned Accelerate Chiropractic as a leading area care centers. The doctors and their team fully understand that true chiropractic care requires an integrated approach to whole body healing. Since the body is a system working together, a comprehensive focus not only relieves the symptoms but provides greater overall health. From college athletes fighting a painful injury or a grandparent missing out on playtime with their grandchildren, Accelerate Chiropractic is entirely dedicated to finding the actual cause, and treating it efficiently for whole body health. Skilled at educating the patient about their condition, they also provide the tools to both manage and eliminate one’s pain and mobility struggles.  

Why Accelerate Chiropractic?

Our goal is to provide relief and healing without the need for invasive surgical options. We are focused on eliminating your pain, addressing the underlying condition, and restoring your mobility for improved quality and longevity of life. The well-being of our patients is important to us, and we provide our services with a level of care that is challenging to find. Our relationships with our patients are the driving force behind Accelerate Chiropractic, and we look forward to earning your trust and satisfaction.

Learn about our experience and contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation. It is time to reclaim the freedom that comes with mobility and comfort through Accelerate Chiropractic’s care.
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