Alternative Sciatica Treatments

Sciatica is an extremely painful condition of the lower back and upper leg. The condition is not considered a diagnosis in itself but is a term used to describe the symptoms of an alternate issue. The name comes from the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body. When this nerve is compressed due to a particular condition, a person is often told they suffer from sciatica. Since there are various conditions that cause sciatica, there are naturally different methods of treatment. Often, spinal adjustments, manual manipulation, traction, application of heat or cold, and anti-inflammatory medications are used for treatment. However, there are many other alternative sciatica treatments that can be used to provide relief. We will cover some of the most common, and why they can be helpful.

Acupuncture & Acupressure

Acupuncture involves the insertion of microneedles into various parts of the body. The process is used to improve the flow of energy within the body to relieve pressure on the nerves and joints. Acupuncture is considered a painless and relaxing treatment that can provide exceptional results. Similarly, acupressure is the use of pressure on specific points of the body, also to improve energy flow. This method does not involve the use of needles, but can also help to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. The points on the body of which these methods target are identical. Acupuncture and acupressure are becoming more popular as individuals increasingly see the benefits they provide.

Massage Therapy

The use of massage is much more than simply a way to relax. Massage therapy for the treatment of sciatica can be very helpful and has some excellent benefits. First, massage therapy helps to increase the flow of blood. Increased blood flow can contribute to relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve. It also helps to relax the muscles that can also reduce nerve pressure. Massage is also a great way for the body to treat itself. Since massage increases the release of endorphins, which are the body's natural painkiller, massage can help reduce or eliminate the intense pain sciatica can cause.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Physical therapy is a series of exercises that are designed to stretch, strengthen, and condition the body. It has been shown that the use of specific exercises both as part of and separate from a physical therapy program can have significant effects on an individual’s sciatica. It is also understood that physicalactive-84646_copy
therapy and exercise can provide a faster recovery from the underlying cause of one’s sciatic nerve pressure. Strengthening exercises help the spinal column and the related muscles, ligaments, and tendons. By strengthening these areas, your spine will be better supported, and your body will be in better alignment helping to relieve nerve pressure. Stretching exercises help to relieve pain by loosening tight and inflexible muscles. Conditioning exercises including walking and swimming assists in the movement of nutrients to cause a better internal environment for the healing process. Like massage, these activities also increase the release of endorphins for natural pain relief

If you suffer from sciatica, there are alternative treatments available. Surgery is often suggested as a treatment option. However, this method is highly invasive with an extensive recovery period. Before opting for such an extreme, consider trying alternative sciatica treatments through your chiropractor.

Why Accelerate Chiropractic?

At Accelerate Chiropractic, we can effectively diagnose your issue, educate you, and successfully treat the underlying cause of your sciatica by using alternative sciatica treatments. Our goal is to provide relief and healing without the need for invasive surgical options. We are dedicated to eliminating your pain, addressing the underlying condition, and restoring your mobility for improved quality and longevity of life.

Dr. Dave Yancey and Dr. Erika Yancey understand the issues that cause sciatica and the alternative treatments that can provide relief and healing. They are truly passionate about your health and well-being. Learn about our experience and contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation. It is time to reclaim the freedom that comes with mobility and comfort through Accelerate Chiropractic’s care.


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